Balloon or No Balloon?

Firstly, what is a Balloon (also known as a Residual)?: A Balloon is a one off amount to be paid to the Lender at the end of your Loan or Lease on your vehicle or equipment.   Benefit: A Balloon can help reduce your monthly Loan or Lease payments for cash flow benefits. Downfall: At the end of your Loan or Lease, you need to pay the Balloon in full. You can also look at refinancing the Balloon at the end of the term (before it is due to be paid). If you take out a large Balloon be careful that the Balloon will not end up higher than the value of your car or equipment, particularly if you are looking to sell or refinance. If you can afford the repayments you can choose not to have a Balloon and make the repayments so the car or equipment is paid out at the end of the term. Call Pearl Finance & Investments for your finance options 07 3812 3430 or or go to our contact page to make and enquiry. If you found this finance tip helpful, please like our page and share our posts.

Is your Business Cash flow Seasonal?

Q. My Business has Seasonal Cash flow… Is there some way of balancing my cash flow through the ups and downs? A. Yes, there are a number of finance products including Overdrafts, Factoring Finance or, revisiting your Current Finance Structure, which can help you through the peaks and troughs of having Seasonal Cash Flow in your Business. We have many customers who own businesses who have Seasonal Cash Flow including Farmers, Transport Operators, Construction Companies, Trades, Sales and Manufacturing Companies who may either have times through the year where there is minimal cash flow coming in as they are either waiting on invoices to be paid or, it is a quite time of year. Each and every business has different needs and cash flow requirements and so that we can fit the right product to the right business, call us today to discover your options. For a free finance check up, call us on 07 3812 3430 or go to our contact page to make and enquiry. To keep up with the latest Business and Finance Hints and Tips like us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Brokers or Banks?

What’s the difference between going to a Mortgage or Commercial Broker or, going direct to the Bank? This is a question we get asked all the time, why would I choose a Mortgage Broker over my Bank (who I have been banking with for 10+ years) or, why go to a Commercial Broker for my Business? The simple answer is this… the access you will have to multiple Banks through a Broker, provides you with access to multiple products. A single Bank has access to their products and their products alone. A Broker has access to 20-30 different Banks and Lenders and each with their products and rates. This gives you access to more options to suit your personal or business needs with competitive rates and packages. The other answer is the good old saying of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Having everything with the one Bank can leave you, your business and your home vulnerable if something were to happen to you or your financial position. Spreading your finance around to different Banks/Lenders should be a part of your risk management strategy. We have access to many Banks and Lenders who can provide Equipment Loans | Motor Vehicles Finance | Business Finance | Debtor Finance | Home Loans | Personal Loans | Commercial Loans and more… To find out about your options, call Pearl Finance on 07 3812 3430 or go to our contact page to make an enquiry.

What is Factoring Finance?

If you need your Invoices paid faster, Factoring Finance could help you. Factoring Finance (also known as Debtor Finance or Invoice Funding) is a type of Finance where you “sell” your invoices to a third party (Bank/Lender) at a discounted rate to get 80% of the Invoice paid immediately and then the balance of the 20% paid to you on payment by the Debtor. This can also allow you to approach your Creditor/s for a payment discount (if you then pay their account within say, 7-10 days). For more information on Factoring Finance, call Pearl Finance today on 07 3812 3430 or go to our contact page.

RBA Drops Rate

Yesterday the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) met for its August meeting and decided to cut the official cash rate by 25 basis points to just 1.50 per cent, creating the lowest cash-rate ever on record!

The decision follows the release of June quarter inflation data last week that revealed inflation has slipped well below the RBA’s target range. The RBA is also concerned the Aussie dollar remains stubbornly high compared to other global currencies, which tends to have a dampening effect on economic growth.

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