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Are you a Start Up Cafe, Restaurant or Hotel?

Is there equipment you want to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY but you want to conserve cash flow?

Well, we may have the answer your looking for!

Rent-Try-Buy up to $25,000 on that new Coffee Machine, Display, Refrigeration or Cooking Equipment and no financials needed!

If you are a new business who needs new equipment and you have no financials to show the bank but you want that new piece of equipment that you know will make a difference to your business, this could be the answer for you.

For startup cafes, to large restaurants and hotels, realise your business dreams! This is a solution like no other and you can keep your working capital!

Rent-Try-Buy is a 12 month agreement with plenty of flexible options:

1. You can upgrade your equipment at any time!
2. You can purchase the equipment at any time and receive 75% net rental rebate!
3. After your 12-month agreement ends, choose your option:
a. Continue renting
b. Return equipment with no further obligation
c. Work towards ownership with Easy Own and enjoy a 30% discount on your weekly payments over 36 months

30,000 other businesses have taken advantage of this hospitality equipment funding. Its your turn to…

Rent-Try-Buy that coffee machine that will make a difference!

Rent-Try-Buy that new cooktop to give you more space!

Rent-Try-Buy that display that will showcase your best food!

Rent-Try-Buy the refrigeration to organise your kitchen!

Rent-Try-Buy today!

Benefits of long term Equipment Leasing:

· No bond and no payments for six months!
· Reduce cash flow pressure as you establish your business
· Fully unsecured funding – you don’t need equity to qualify
· Immediately depreciate sub $20k assets
· Flexibility to payout at any time and receive a 15% discount

Benefits of Franchise Equipment Rental:

· Preserve your working capital – don’t sink it into depreciating assets
· Rental payments are 100% tax deductible
· The ability to try before you buy
· Simple and quick to organise
· Upgrade equipment at any time, as your business or service offering evolves
· Renting is an ‘off balance sheet’ form of funding, which means it doesn’t affect your capacity to borrow for future expansion
· If you are an accredited franchise, access further benefits such as preferential rates and a reduced rental security bond

Call Pearl Finance & Investments for your finance options 07 3812 3430 or or go to our contact page to make and enquiry.

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