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Car Buying Service (Free)

When it comes to saving money and securing a great deal on your new car, there is a two-pronged approach:

  1. Finance First – know your borrowing or finance options and costs upfront.
  2. Car Research & Negotiation – know who or where is offering the best car deals.

Naturally we can help you to find the right business or personal car finance package for your situation through our panel of lenders. 

Additionally, we have access to experienced, independent Motor Vehicle Consultants who can help you get a better deal on your next car or cars. These car buying experts will do all the research and running around for you, finding you the right car/s – new or used, negotiating the best price and even organising delivery.

Basically all we require you to do:
  1. Contact us on 07 3812 3430
  2. Give us the details of the vehicle you are looking at buying
  3. We will contact the Motor Vehicle consultant who will:
    • Locate the new or used vehicle you are looking at,
    • Negotiate the best price on the vehicle,
    • Arrange the best possible price on your trade in,
    • Arrange an inspection & test drive of the vehicle you are looking at,
    • Once the vehicle has been selected, they will organise the paperwork on your behalf.
  4. No cost to you – we take care of the lot for you
If you need more information please feel free to give us a call on 07 3812 3430 or fill out your details below.

Why Choose Us?

1 Full Range of Financial Products available for both business and personal

2 Wide range of Lenders to tailor a competitive package to suit your financial needs

3 Totally Confidential

4 Can offer additional financial services through our business partners such as; Insurances, Superannuation, Accounting, Book Keeping, Financial Planning & Legal Services

5 Over 30 years experience in banking and finance industry

6 Long term partnerships – not only do we keep in contact with you while the loan is in progress, but it is on going

7 Prompt, Professional service with our availability to be contacted at anytime

8 Work with your accountant on your own finance requirements or information